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I was born in Northern Ireland, near Belfast.  As a kid I took jiu jitsu teaching exams through to black belt level and started to perform in our clubs martial arts displays. It was then I met my first mentors, the BELFAST CITY BREAKERS. They  showed me the traditions and disciplines of BBoying. I was made  a member of their junior crew and performed alongside them until I left to travel Europe in 2001.


I competed with the best in the world in events like:


U.K.BBOY champs

World Bboy Classic Holland

world bboy champs London

Plus many others.

I joined the ZOU ROCK CREW on my first visit to Australia in 2006.  Since then, we have traveled all over the world as a crew and as individual bboys and bgirls.

We currently organize three competitions per year for the local community with our main highlight being the W.A. JUNIOR  BREAKIN  CHAMPIONSHIP.

The idea behind designing the Breakin Traditions curriculum stemmed from my love of the artform and my passion to pass on my knowledge to the next generation. I wholeheartedly believe in my program and have seen first hand the positive impact it has made to my students from all over Perth including boosting their self esteem, increasing their confidence whilst developing their breakin' skills whilst maintaining safety and respect. 

My goal is to leave a legacy of talented young dancers for the Western Australian scene.



Born and raised in Perth, I started dancing in my teen years in 2007 at 15yrs old. After seeing how cool it looked, I would try to copy dance moves from music videos and moves. Eventually I started learning to Breaking from a well established local B-Boy named Mr. Meean and after being taught about the proper techniques, history and culture of the B-Boy, i fell in love with the dance. Just over 10 years later, I have continued to learn from a lot of the best B-Boys in Perth as well others from interstate and attended workshops by well established international B-Boys. I started to teach B-boying in 2013, and have done so with many regular classes as well as workshops for al sorts of people.. As a performer I have competed in a number of Breaking battles locally, nationally and internationally (Singapore, Japan & Indonesia) and have performed individually and with crews like Cultural Renegades for many kinds of events; including the Perth Arena 1st Public opening day, at the Fringe Festival, Some music videos for local artists and many other showcases. I now am continuing to break and dance until now and don’t plan on stopping soon.




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