Dancers that entertain crowds at Perth Scorchers games may one day represent their country if a push make break dancing an Olympic sport succeeds.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games organising committee wants to include the acrobatic art form - along with surfing and skateboarding - in the official list of events.

Members of the Breakin’ Tradition dance school performed at Optus Stadium during Perth Scorchers games in the recently completed BBL season.

Teacher Brendan Burns said break dancing deserved to be considered an Olympic sport.

“In the sense of pure physicality, break dancing is the height of athleticism,” he said.

“A lot of recent aspects and moves in gymnastics were borrowed from break dancing.”

Paris 2024 organising committee Tony Estanguet said the Olympic movement needed to connect with non-traditional sports.

“The games have a constant challenge of connecting with the new generations,” he said.

“For us it's all the more important because if we want to get young people into practicing sports, it's easier with sports that speak to them.”

Burns said the skill level of break dancing in Perth was increasing and there were definitely dancers with the potential to become Olympians.

“When I first started my pie in the sky dream was to be a background dancer in a music video,” he said.

“Now break dancers are full time athletes that travel the world with teams like Red Bull so there are a lot more opportunities than there were ten years ago.”

Any new sports have to be agreed on by the International Olympic Committee, which will rule on break dancing after the 2020 games in Tokyo.

Surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing have already been added to the agenda for the Tokyo games, along with baseball/softball and karate.

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