Breakin' Traditions was founded in 2017 by Irish born, Brendan BBOY "Beast" Burns. Over the years, the Breakin' Traditions curriculum has evolved and has been embraced by Bboys and Bgirls from all over WA with tremendous results.


The Breakin' Traditions format is based around the fundamentals of teaching the art form with safety, passion and respect.



Each bboy/bgirl has a different path to walk, each  with a different pace, on their own unique  JOURNEY. This path they have chosen for themselves  is not an easy path but they can choose how they travel.

The intended destination is self confidence.

Self confidence in their own physical  mastery of the bodies movement, creativity and  rhythms.

Self confidence in their ability to self discipline and to create.

Each bboy/bgirl is a mix of student and  teacher, for each new student has his or  her own unique character, style & approach.

The work of self mastery is never perfected  and there is always more to learn and adapt. Each bboy /bgirl should view themselves as artist of movement, not unlike a Martial  Artist. A dance floor warrior always  improving and seeking a  NEW challenge.

The journey may take you very far from  where you began but all journeys begin at the same place... Commitment.

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